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Treadmill-Belts.co.uk is a business based in the UK, that specialises in the supply of treadmill belts.

Treadmill-Belts.co.uk sells to everyone from: original equipment manufacturers for new machines, to suppliers of refurbished machines, to end users looking to replace just one treadmill belt. We have 40 years experience in the production of conveyor belts, using materials including Rubber, PVC and PU. Treadmill-Belts.co.uk was formed to cater to an ever-increasing demand from our customers for belts for their treadmills. In this way, we can cater to any size, quantity and specific requirements our customers may have.

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Our Services

Although we happily sell to anyone requiring a treadmill belt or similar, our core offerings can be defined by three main groups/demographics:
New Equipment Manufacturers
We happily work with Treadmill manufacturers directly, providing them with endless belts to be fitted in house. Manufacturers provide us with their requirements and dimensions and we do the rest. We supply to both new machine manufacturers and to suppliers of refurbished and reconditioned machines. Contact us to find out more.
Home & Refurbishment users
Are you a home user just looking for a replacement belt for one of your treadmills, or perhaps a gym owner looking to replace your treadmill belts after the usual wear and tear? Then our online shop would be the place to go, we have a range of treadmill belts for standard machines listed. Just click on the product you desire, add to cart and check out.
Custom made applications
Do you have a specialist application or custom machine that you need a belt for? Contact us and we will more than happy to help. We also make conveyor belts in all different materials, so we would be delighted to help with any specific treadmill belt requirements. Many customers come to us to help find them a quality, cost-effective solution.

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Unit 1 Northfield Road Business Park, Soham, Cambridgeshire. CB7 5UE
E-mail: info@treadmill-belts.co.uk Phone: +44 1353 624 322